Monday, February 16, 2009

X Country Skiing at Harriman State Park

During the holidays, we had a little getaway up to Island Park with my Brother, Devan and his family. My S-in-Law, Lynn, and I took the kids on their first cross country skiing adventure.
Thank you, Beck Family, for letting us crash your party. It was wonderful!

Jake picked up on X-country fast. He stayed happy and on the move. He and Charlie were the first two back to the car.

Jenna and Louisa. The day was perfect. Blue skies and not to cold. We skied on groomed trails into a warming cabin and had hot chocolate (the perfect motivation to keep the kids moving). The kids were such troopers. We figure they skied over 2 miles.

Jenna Age 6

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Island Park Getaway

Jakie-Blue-Eyes. Love to see this smile on your face, Jake.

At the Cabin in Island Park

We love you Annie!

We can't forget the hot tub. The kids loved the "rainbow lights" on it.

Fun at the Cabin

Grandma Annie bought Louisa and Jenna matching aprons and chef hats. They made cupcakes with Louisa's fancy little cupcake maker.

Sledding in Island Park

Jenna and her Mom

Sledding in Island Park

Jen couldn't get enough of the snowmobile rides with Uncle Devan. This girl has a need for speed. The most memorable moment of this day was watching Jenna take a serious spill down the sledding hill(I think a few flips even). We were all holding our breath expecting the "big cry". But she came up with a face full of us all the thumbs up sign!

Sledding in Island Park

"That was Awesome!" Jake goes down the hill in flames. He loves to crash on purpose.

Sledding in Island Park

Jake and Jenna. These two are fearless little sledders.

Monday, February 9, 2009

FBI Academy 2008